Deploying Ember Cli App

10:34 Anil Maurya 0 Comments

Now deploying ember-cli is no more a challenge, ember-cli-deploy Addon is good solution for deploying ember-cli apps but why settle for good solution when you have awesome solution out there .

Yes, you read it right. Thanks tedconf for building front_end_builds and ember-cli-front-end-builds .

Front_end_builds :

Rails engine to manage front end builds and deployments

  • Admin interface lets you easily view, rollback and activate different app versions
Admin UI look like this :


Easily deploy your Ember CLI app to a front_end_builds Rails backend.
The deploy process involves:
  1. Creating a build of your ember-cli app
  2. Uploading your assets to S3
  3. Notifying your Rails backend with info about the new build

I used these gems for deploying ember-cli app and I highly recommend everyone to try it.