Add handlebar helpers in ember cli project

10:56 Anil Maurya 0 Comments

Updated for ember-cli 1.13.8

To add handlebar helper, create file under 'app/helpers/' directory

If your helper name is 'if-first' than your file will be like 'app/helpers/if-first.js'

Remember to use dash in helper name so that it will be loaded automatically, for more info read .


Check for first element in each loop.


import Ember from "ember"
export default Ember.Helper.helper(function(options)  {
 if(options[0] === 0){
    return options[1];
    return options[2];

then use it in your handlebars template

{{#each items as |item index|}} 
<div class={{if-first index "active item" "item"}}>

You can also pass  parameter to helpers like:

 {{#format-date date}}

 and collect parameter:

 export default Ember.Helper.helper(function(date) {
    return moment(date[0]).fromNow();